Progress Report

I finished touching up my first two paintings of 2018 last night. I finally got a vision onto canvas that I've been building in my mind for nearly six months now. My goal was to cover the surface with glacial features so you felt as though you were there, on the glacier, half frozen and in awe.

Now it is time to tackle those two 30 x 40 inch canvases that have been calling my name. To be honest, I'm a bit intimidated... but mostly excited. A bigger surface means a bigger glacier.

Off to the sketch book to see what glacier features feel right for them.

First two of 2018.jpg

First Friday: February 2nd


Long time, no post!

Yeah, I've been feeling guilty about that.....

I was so excited to start posting vlogs, but as the daylight slipped away this fall, it became increasingly difficult to get decent light in my studio. I was balancing lamps on chairs and stacked up boxes. It seriously looked like something the Mad Hatter would have done in Alice in Wonderland.

The good news is I just put in an order for some studio lights and they should get here later this month! Just in time for the sun to come back.... ha!

Other good news: I will be at Anchorage re:MADE this Friday from 5:30 - 9:00 pm for their 2nd Annual Ladies Night. There will be other artists and vendors plus food and music! I'll have vinyl sticker, prints, and originals available! Stop by my booth and say hello! I'd love to see you!


remade ladies night flyer-1.jpg

Ramblings and Artist Talks

Hello All! Happy Tuesday! I missed last week due to a cold but after lots of rest and ginger tea I'm back at my easel and in front of the camera in time for my weekly update.

Watch the video below to hear some EXCITING news and a bit about artist talks while I paint!

Thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement!


Blog to Vlog

I haven't been the greatest at blogging because I struggle finding the motivation to write. Today I made a video instead and think there might be something to the vlog trend. Making quick little videos will be a much more fun and effective way to share my work and life with you all.

Check out the video and let me know what you think! Do you prefer reading a blog or watching a video?


This week has been full of surprises:

Unexpected, and much appreciated, motivation.

Work that seems to flow effortlessly from me to the panels I’m painting.

Bursts of ideas about how to expand and develop my exploration of glaciers.

And a spur of the moment collage.



These surprises have been major blessings after the last few weeks. My work was stagnant. I felt stuck. Instead of being excited as each piece approached completion, I was underwhelmed. The concept and composition were nothing new. There was no growth….

I had an initial panic moment and wondered “Am I getting WORSE?” Then I realized there had been growth. In me. I had outgrown my approach and was ready to experiment and expand on what I’d developed. What a relief!  I shooed self-doubt out of my studio.

I took a week to evaluate all the glacier pieces I’ve done. I thought about what worked (creating depth through changes in color and value as well as lots of layers) and what didn’t (Undirected movement of the eye across each piece, I was only pulling they eye IN).

Little flickers of ideas were going through my mind:

The churning of a waterfall



Water flowing through pipes


The curve of a waterslide

The flickers were becoming full flames. I needed swirling movement. Rotation. I needed to paint the glaciers in ways that showed the connection with flowing water. Water shapes glaciers as it flows over and through them. Glaciers come from water and then revert to it again.

The mini paintings I’ve worked on this week reflect that more. I still have lots of room to grow within this new approach so I’m happy and feel like a wave of momentum is carrying me.


I want to further investigate glaciers. My conversation with them is not done. As I’ve worked on glaciers over the last year and a half they have become much more than paintings of a beautiful and endangered part of our planet.

They have evolved into pieces on which to contemplate our relationships with space and time. Each layer represents a different section of space and a different moment in time.

They explore the fear and curiosity we feel when facing the unknown and question how we'll let the strength of those emotions impact our decisions.


They are my meditations on impermanence.  


I woke up this morning and realized 2017 is already more than half over. Time has flown by, probably because this year has been full of exciting events and lots of momentum for my art career. Between my first solo exhibition in February, my first festival in May, and the launching of this website one month ago today, it seems like a good time to start a blog so I can better connect with you.

My favorite thing about social media, Instagram in my case, is the ability to connect with other creatives and patrons of the arts. I'm able to post snapshots of my current work as well as give you a glimpse into my life in Alaska. Unfortunately, social media has its limits so that is where my website comes in, especially my shop and this blog section.

My goal for this blog is to share more about my process (including video!) and how my sense of space in Alaska influences my work. Not only do I want to share with you photos of the magnificent landscape and how it inspires my work, but how the landscape molds and shapes me. 

Cheers for now. It is sunny and the mountains are calling!